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Ticket information for individuals

All tickets are free of charge.
We recommend booking well in advance.
Tickets can be booked from August 18th to September 2nd

To make sure you get a seat to the performances you would like to see, we recommend that you book your tickets in advance.

Tickets are free and can only be booked from August 18th via the festivals own ticket reservation.
Check the programme and book your tickets RIGHT HERE!

You can maximum get tickets to 3 performances and only 1 to performances for children up to 4 years.
You can maximum get 4 tickets to each perfomance.
Remember that adults as well as children need a ticket to enter the performance

Age limits 
The age limits are set to make sure that everyone gets a nice experience. We therefore urge you to respect the age limits and points out that children who are not old enough risk to be denied entrance.
With that said you can never be to old to watch a performance. Specially are more of the performances for youth enjoyable for adults as well.   

Ticket handout
The ticket office is located at Horsens Ny Teater.

NB! All tickets must be picked up no later than 60 min. prior to the first performance in your order. Otherwise the entire order will be cancelled.

Tickets that are not booked prior to the performances or tickets that are never picked up, can be booked in the ticket handout from Thursday the 13th of September.

The ticket handout is open:
Thursday 13th of September 14.00-18.00
Friday 14th of  September 9.00-17.30
Saturday 15th of September 9.00-17.00
Sunday 16th of September 9.00-15.00

Outdoor performances
For perfomances that play outside no tickets reservation is necessary.

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