Photo: Mie Neel

Odsherred Teater: Are you Chicken?

Kulturstationen, Horsens Byskole D-gym, Skolegade 7
Friday  16.00
Saturday 10.30

Age: 7-10 years
Duration: 45 min.

Are you Chicken? is about being the small one. 
The little one who’s bullied and never gets it his way.
About feeling you’re all alone and the most lonely person in the world.
But in the end turns defeat into victory.

Little brother is being bullied by big brother who always comes first, always wins and thinks he’s very, very clever and that little brother is small and stupid and knows nothing.And why does dad always think the most of big brother? It’s so hard to live up to all the expectations.

The Swedish playwright, Thomas Tidholm, wrote this warm, everlasting and funny story in the mid-nineties.

On tour in 17/18 & 18/19

Indholdsansvarlig Ditte Felding,  

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