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Faster Cool & Dansk Rakkerpak: Rainbow Beetle

HOAT, salen, Allégade 16B
Saturday 16.15
Sunday 10.00 & 11.45

Age: 2-6 years
Duration: 30 min.


Billy the beetle is not like the other beetles. He can’t hold his place in the row, and forgets to answer when called for. He is way too busy with the marvellous and exciting world.

A rainbow appears in the sky, and Billy’s family marches on while Billy is distracted by the miracle in the sky. Thus, a journey begins with the colours compassing in an adventurous universe with singing snails, itching dandelions and wise ladybugs. We travel along with the little beetle, encountering the colourful world as he himself transforms into a rainbow beetle.

On tour in 17/18 & 18/19

Indholdsansvarlig Ditte Felding,  

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