CTRL+ALT+DEMENS, Teater Fluks (Foto: Sissel Dupont)


Bytorv Horsens
Thursday, Friday & Saturday (more info coming soon) 
Age: from 12 years
Duration: 30 min.

A different theatrical experience in Bytorv Horsens. 

The performance is a sensory journey through three different aspects of dementia. Through poetic and personal stories we are brought closer to the distorted veil of dementia. Closer to the ones directly affected by dementia and their loved ones. 

In small groups of 6, the people passing by and those showing curiosity are invited into this 30-minute-experience in Bytorv Horsens.

Even though we cannot know how dementia is experienced by each person who is affected by it, there are many assumptions. The images of dementia are strong, and the prejudices even stronger. In out performance we dig one layer deeper than traditional information-campaigns and offer an artistic experience of the distorted veil and loss of mind. While working on CTRL+ALT+DEMENS we have experienced the depth and the diversity of the stories. After a life filled with opportunities, we lose control. Oblivion grabs us and our perception of reality is distorted. And that is where this performance starts.

Ctrl+Alt+Demens is based on research, interviews, and personal experiences. 
The performance is in Danish, and it is free of charge.
It is however possible to reserve tickets (a link for ticket reservation will be available during August).

The performances playing in Horsens from September 14-16 are made possible due to the unique collaboration between Demensteamet (Horsens Kommune, Velfærd og Sundhed), Bytorv Horsens and Horsens Teaterfestival

The performance is produced by Teater Fluks and 1:1 Produktion, in collaboration with Sundhed & Omsorg, Aarhus Kommune.

The performance is created with support from Sundhed og Omsorg, Aarhus Kommune & FO-Aarhus.

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